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We are looking for talented, enthusiastic and dynamic people for the following posts.




1. Sr. Scientist-NGS

We are looking for a highly motivated individual to carry out large-scale NGS based contract research projects and to support various lab activities. In addition to research, Sr. Scientist will be responsible for the day-to-day management of the lab, including maintaining equipment and the inventory of laboratory materials and supplies. The research technician may be responsible for the development and execution of research projects (which can lead to authorship on scientific publications). 

The ideal candidate is one who seeks professional development as a scientist and is therefore interested in reading the current scientific literature and conducting an independent research project. The candidate will take ownership of their project. 


Responsibilities will include
  • Molecular biology including DNA/RNA preparation, PCR, qRT-PCR, next generation sequencing. 
  • Lab organization, maintenance, inventory, and purchasing. 
  • Assist with training new lab members on proper lab protocols and procedures.
  • Participation in experimental design and execution of experiments.
  • Participation in group meetings.


  • Master/PhD degree in biology or related field. 
  • Strong experience of minimum 5 years in a Private or government research laboratory
  • Experience with executing molecular biology protocols (ideally with a focus on next generation sequencing techniques). 
  • Ability to troubleshoot and optimize protocols, and manage projects.
  • Capacity to work both independently and collaboratively. 
  • Strong attention to detail and meticulous lab notebook keeping.
  • Excellent communication skills. 
  • Enthusiasm for evolutionary biology and/or genetics.




2. Business Development Support


The Business Development Support is responsible for monitoring and managing all user technical and operational support leads while also working to prospecting, lead generation, resolution, manage any help desk calls, provide technical assistance to our internal teams, and perform as the appointed primary contact person for any system/technical outages as needed. He/She will also be responsible for engaging with the appropriate teams and 3rd party vendors where/when necessary to resolve any issues and requests as needed, while also providing any necessary feedback and/or updates via any associated leads.
Responsibilities will include
  • Provide support assistance during day to day business hours as well as be able to provide after-hours/on-call support coverage. 
  • Manage incoming technical and operational support requests from users and internal teams, while also ensuring leads are responded to within our specified Service Level Agreements. 
  • Categorize, prioritize, and assign support leads to the appropriate internal groups while also providing feedback to the team as needed. 
  • Working within various production platforms that are part of our evolving technology stack; CRM System, Amazon EC2, MailChiMP and other online web applications.
  • Closely working with sales and operation teams in various regions, while troubleshooting in realtime to provide timely resolutions, as well as updating leads accordingly, and providing any necessary communications to our various teams. 
  • Creating and analyzing technical proposals, white papers, marketing leaflets, reports etc to identify trends while working with other teams 
  • Documenting “How to guides” and performing any necessary knowledge sharing sessions with our team(s). 
  • Maintaining a calm composure while simultaneously being able to help stakeholders during possible high pressure situations (breaking news, technical outages, etc).
  • Performing day to day operational tasks while also providing any necessary user support for our various systems.
  • Ability to work, coordinate, and assist with our internal development teams, cross market editors, and various 3rd party vendors as needed.


  • 2 to 3 years of experience in supporting business development teams. 
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills. 
  • Have excellent knowledge and skills of various tools; MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint etc
  • Have a solid knowledge of all major web browsers (Chrome, IE, Firefox, and Safari), as well as have good understanding of various web programming languages and technologies
  • Basic understanding of Biology, Genomics, Bioinformatics and Biotechnology
  • Quick learner, self motivated and a self-starter 
  • Ability to work in fast paced environment while maintaining his/her calm. 
  • Have Bachelor’s degree


Interested candidates can submit their CV at and for further details contact us at 040-42604142