Next Generation Sequencing and Analysis Services


Nucleome Informatics is India's leading genomics service provider. We provide de novo genome sequencing, genome resequencing, exome sequencing, optical mapping, single cell DNA sequencing, etc. on multiple next generation technologies like NovaSeq 6000, PacBio Sequel II and Bionano Saphyr System. We have sequenced many plants and microbial de novo genomes and regularly working on sequencing of cancer genomes and human exomes.

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For clients working in epigenomics studies, we can offer ChIP Sequencing and Whole genome Bisulfite Sequencing services. The client can use these services to investigate methylation patterns quantitatively across the genome using sequencing- and array-based techniques and gain insight into protein and DNA interactions. The client can discover the potential impact of chromatin modifications and local structural changes in gene expression.

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Nucleome Informatics is a well-known service provider of Shotgun metagenome sequencing, full length 16s Amplicon sequencing (V1 to V9) & metatranscriptome sequencing. We also provide denovo and resequencing of microbial genomes on PacBio Sequel II and NovaSeq 6000. The client can use environmental genomics service to profile entire microbial communities from complex samples, discover novel organisms, and explore the dynamic nature of microbial populations under changing environmental conditions.

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Nucleome Informatics is a leading Transcriptome sequencing or RNA Sequencing (RNA-Seq) service provider in India. We can sequence Total RNA, Long non-coding RNA, mRNA and Small RNA/miRNA from all organisms to discover novel genes, understanding host-pathogen immune interactions, quantifying gene expression changes, and tracking disease progression. We can isolate RNA from tissue or single cell to study single cell RNA sequencing.

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PacBio Sequel II Services

Nucleome is South Asia's first company to offer PacBio Sequel II services. Our sequencing laboratory is based in Hyderabad, India. We are currently offering whole genome sequencing, ISO Sequencing, metagenome sequencing and variant discovery services on Sequel II platform. We also have HMW gDNA preparation service for clients who wish to transfer tissue samples. Our data analysis team is experienced in developing high quality assemblies using PacBio Sequel II data. Scaffolding and Super Scaffolding with Optical Map and HiC data are also available.

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We have entire spectrum of NGS data analysis like de novo genome assembly, genome annotation, variant calling, denovo transcriptome analysis, reference based RNA seq analysis, small RNA seq data analysis, metagenome analysis, 16s amplicon seq analysis, chip seq analysis, WGBS analysis, etc. You can choose standard or advanced analysis based on your project requirements and budget. Our qualified NGS scientists can help clients in the design and successful execution of projects.

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Targeted Panels and Genotyping

BigData Decoder SNP Genotyping
The BigData decoder is the range of Genotyping solutions specially designed for customers decoding the big SNP data of genes and genomes. Invest now in a Big Data Decoder solution to execute the smarter Genotyping results faster.
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DrSeq Human Genomics Panels
DrSeq is a clinical genomics lab by Nucleome Informatics. We offer a wide range of services in human genome sequencing, clinical exome sequencing, pharmacogenomics, rare diseases, reproductive health, eye disorders and more.
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About Our Company

Nucleome Informatics is the fastest growing next-generation sequencing and bioinformatics service provider in India with many academic and industrial customers worldwide. Nucleome is India’s first and only genomics company to provide services on the PacBio Sequel II platform. The company is very well regarded for its expertise in de novo genome sequencing of larger genomes using a hybrid assembly approach using PacBio Sequel II, 10x genomics, optical mapping and Hi-C data. We offer ISO Seq service on PacBio Sequel II to annotate the newly assembled genomes, discover novel genes, isoforms, and transcripts and perform differential gene expression as well. Transcriptome sequencing (coding and non-coding RNA Sequencing) and genome resequencing services on Illumina NovaSeq 6000 are frequently being used by our customers.

Nucleome Informatics offers whole human genome sequencing and exome sequencing in India for researchers and Physicians who are interested in sequencing a Patient’s genome/exome to mine SNPs, CNVs or SVs. Nucleome is among very few companies in the world to offer cfDNA Sequencing and Cell line genome sequencing services.

With the Axiom GeneTItan platform, we can offer SNP genotyping services on catalog arrays and also design custom SNP panels using your favourite SNPs. For our efforts in genomics research, we are awarded as ‘The 10 Most Recommended Pharma & Life Sciences Solution providers in 2019’ by Insights Success Magzine.

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Research and Development

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