de novo transcriptome analysis

Avail 20% discount on NovaSeq 6000 sequencing services

12:14 21 April in de novo transcriptome analysis, genome resequencing, Genome Survey, Metagenome, miRNA Sequencing, RNA Sequencing, Variant Analysis

Hyderabad, April 2021. To boost the scientific community morale after severe loss of research resources and time due to COVID19, India's leading sequencing service provider Nucleome Informatics has decided to offer a 20% discount on NovaSeq 6000 sequencing services. Nucleome team will be collecting DNA or...

Year end offer FY 20-2021

13:08 22 January in de novo genome sequencing, de novo transcriptome analysis, Genome Assembly, genome resequencing, ISO Sequencing, Metagenome, miRNA Sequencing, PacBio Sequencing, RNA Sequencing, Sequencing

Nucleome presents 30% special discount on sequencing  services on Illumina NovaSeq 6000 and PacBio Sequel II. Please place a single order of more than 1000Gb on NovaSeq 6000 or 4 SMRT cells of Sequel II to avail this offer. For more information you can reach...

Transcriptome analysis of Solanum melongena L. (eggplant) fruit to identify putative allergens and their epitopes

14:09 15 January in de novo transcriptome analysis

Complete transcriptome catalogue of brinjal fruit was generated using NGS technology. Brinjal transcripts showed significant similarity with other plant proteins. Putative allergen sequences of eggplant matched with 48 different types of existing allergens. B-cell epitopes were identified using BepiPred linear epitope prediction tool.  ...