Comprehensive profiling of transcriptional networks specific for lactogenic differentiation of HC11 mammary epithelial stem-like cells

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The mammary gland is an apocrine gland, and its crucial function is to produce and secrete milk. The essential components of the adult mammary gland are alveoli, which are lined by milk-secreting epithelial cells. Myoepithelial cells and a stromal compartment that are derived from embryonic...

De novo sequencing and characterization of defense transcriptome responsive to Pythium aphanidermatum infection in Curcuma longa L.

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  Defence transcriptomes responsive to Pythium aphanidermatum were analyzed in Curcuma longa. 2978 transcripts were differentially expressed in response to P. aphanidermatum infection. DEGs encoding NBS-LRRs, receptor kinases and WRKYs were highly enriched during pathogen attack. ET and JA signaling constitute a synergistic defence response...

Sequencing, de novo assembly, functional annotation and analysis of Phyllanthus amarus leaf transcriptome using the Illumina platform is published in Frontiers in Plant Sciences.

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P. amarus leaf transcriptome was sequenced using the Illumina Miseq platform. 85,927 non-redundant “uni-transcript” sequences with an average length of 1548 bp, from 18,060,997 raw reads were assembled. Sequence similarity analyses and annotation of these uni-transcripts were performed against databases like green plants non-redundant (nr)...