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Unlocking the power of genomics for climate resilient and environmentally sustainable agriculture and healthcare.


Nucleome aims at a healthier future through revolutionary genetic analysis solutions. We are committed in generating rapid, appropriate and high-quality results which can create a great difference in genomics projects.

About Company

Nucleome Informatics is the world’s most customer-friendly genomics and bioinformatics company based in India. As a next-generation genomics service provider, we embrace and practice earth and environment-friendly research. Nucleome aims to constantly learn and develop scientific ideas to serve the customers with the best possible solutions that help to achieve research objectives. With core competency in NGS and bioinformatics, Nucleome serves as a valuable research partner of scientists working in Agri genomics and human genomics research. The efficient project management team executes each project as per the predefined and mapped scope to complete the project successfully. With the strategic implementation of customised NGS protocol and bioinformatics pipelines based on scientific and research queries, Nucleome has become the most reliable research partner. We provide next-generation sequencing and bioinformatics services to customers across the world. The new version of DrSeq is created, which scientists can use to analyse the exome sequencing and diagnostics data. Nucleome’s genotyping solutions can help scientists working in pharmacogenomics and personalised medicine. Agigenotyping solutions help the agriculture scientists in improving the breeding programs by marker-assisted selection and GWAS.

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We provide a comprehensive NGS and bioinformatics services which is value for money. As a result, we do not lose clients because of our fee structure.


Our aim is to provide with the best possible technical advice and results compatible with research objectives and expected outcomes. We always use updated chemistry, instruments and software to provide high-quality results.


We keep our promises - if we say that we will conduct this or that analysis, we will do just that - and at the time we say we will. Our research has been published in high impact journals, and our efforts were acknowledged every time.


Within next generation sequencing field, we will provide everything that a researcher might need. We offer genomics, transcriptomics, metagenomics, epigenomics, bioinformatics, DrSeq software and BigData Decoder server installation services.


When needing technical advice, we will be there for you. We endeavour to meet our clients’ research needs at the times they specify. We have very fast response time to calls and e-mails from clients.


We have been working in genomics field for last one decade and executed more than 1000 projects. We have built up an enviable reputation in the country for the wisdom and comprehensive experience of all our staff. The client will benefit from this.