Nucleome Informatics is a specialised bioinformatics solution service provider based at Hyderabad the IT hub of India.Team Nucleome  has successfully completed genome, transcriptome, metagenome and epigenome data analysis projects. Using a team of experienced bioinformatics analysts, and biologists. TEAM NUCLEOME provides a range of genomic data assembly and analysis services using state-of-the-art software pipelines and High computational infrastructure supported by Dell. Our analysis services can be used alone or in combination with our laboratory services to provide comprehensive data generation and analysis for your project.




Big Data Decoders are proven compatible with leading open source and commercial bioinformatics applications of Nucleome Informatics, Ion Torrent®, Illumina®, PacBio RSII® and Life Technologies® along with other NGS applications.





Our solutions are purpose built for specific applications including small & whole genome sequencing, DNA / RNA sequencing, transcriptome sequencing, microbial sequencing, targeted re-sequencing, whole genome sequencing, read mapping of sanger & high throughout sequencing.




We know your time is valuable. That’s why we take extra steps to ensure each Big Data Decoder is preconfigured with all necessary hardware, softwares, operating system and network settings. All you need to do is plug in power and begin your work.




Designed by Bioinformatician and hand crafted by hardware engineers. We are proud to design, integrate and support all of our solutions. With our OEM partner we are using the highest quality ENTERPRISE class components and taking extra steps to ensure your satisfaction. Our solutions are built for maximum performance and built to last.

Big Data Decoder is Sun Grid Engine queuing system ‘SGE’ enabled

  • Scheduling – allows you to schedule a virtually unlimited amount of work to be performed when resources become available. This means you can simply submit as many tasks (or jobs) as you like and let the queuing system handle executing them all.
  • Load Balancing – automatically distributes tasks across the cluster such that any one node doesn’t get overloaded compared to the rest.
  • Monitoring/Accounting – ability to monitor all submitted jobs and query which cluster nodes they’re running on, whether they’re finished, encountered an error, etc. Also allows querying job history to see which tasks were executed on a given date, by a given user, etc.



Big Data Decoder value the efforts of scientific community and the importance of genomics research for future of man kind. You can invest in Big Data Decoder to create a high quality NGS datasets that are analysed faster and last longer.

  • Big Data Decoder Basic

  • Rs. 3,50,000 - 1,000,000Lifetime
            • For a small laboratory working mainly on RNA seq data analysis.

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  • Big Data Decoder-Prime

  • Rs.12,50,000-35,00,000Lifetime
            • For a medium size laboratory working mainly on genome assembly, re-sequencing and multiple NGS applications.

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