SNP Genotyping Services at Nucleome

SNP Genotyping Services at Nucleome

13:40 28 April in Genotyping

End to end solutions for SNP genotyping need low-density, mid-density and high-density markers. Nucleome can design the custom SNP panel for you, or you can directly place the order for available Axiom SNP arrays and genotype it on the GeneTitan platform. We can also target specific genes or regions to discover SNP, InDels and structural variants using PacBio Sequel II.

With the AgriSeq Genotyping service, we can do 50 SNPs to 5000 SNPs genotyping.

Services we can offer to #Agrigenomics scientists and #Seed companies are the following :
1. If your target crop’s genome is not available, you can order the De Novo genome sequencing service of Nucleome.
2. We can discover SNPs by whole-genome resequencing on Illumina
3. Bioinformatics Team can design the custom SNP panel
4. Genotyping on the desired platform

Sample collection and DNA extraction services are also available. We are just a call away from improving your breeding results.

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