ISO Sequencing of Indian White Shrimp, Penaeus indicus

ISO Sequencing of Indian White Shrimp, Penaeus indicus

12:50 20 November in ISO Sequencing

Novel Isoform Sequencing based full-length transcriptome resource for Indian White Shrimp, Penaeus indicus paper is published in Frontiers in Marine Sciences by our clients Dr M S Shekhar, Dr Vinay Katneni, Dr Ashok Kumar, Dr Vijayan and Dr T Mohapatra.

This is the first report of a comprehensive transcriptome generated from different tissues and larval stage of P. indicus with 238.98 Gb of sequence data from gills, hepatopancreas, muscle, and pooled post larvae. The only related complete genome available for shrimp is that of P. vannamei (Zhang et al., 2019b). In the absence of a genome for P. indicus, the full-length trasncriptome generated in this study would be a valuable resource for conducting functional studies involving desired economic traits.…/10.3389/fmars.2020.605098/full

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*Photo Credit: ICAR-CIBA Chennai

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