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Comprehensive profiling of transcriptional networks specific for lactogenic differentiation of HC11 mammary epithelial stem-like cells

15:11 06 August in Uncategorized

The mammary gland is an apocrine gland, and its crucial function is to produce and secrete milk. The essential components of the adult mammary gland are alveoli, which are lined by milk-secreting epithelial cells. Myoepithelial cells and a stromal compartment that are derived from embryonic...

High coverage genome sequencing and identification of genomic variants in Bengal tiger (Panthera tigris tigris)

17:37 11 May in de novo genome sequencing, Genome Assembly, Sequencing

India's renowned genomics and bioinformatics company Nucleome Informatics, annouces the succesful completion of Indian Bengal tiger genome sequencing in collaboration with LaCONES, CCMB, Hyderabad. Panthera tigris tigris, one of six extant tiger subspecies, occurs solely in the Indian subcontinent. Although endangered and threatened by various extinction...