One more RNA Seq publication

One more RNA Seq publication

07:11 24 April in

One more Publication!! Congratulations to our client Dr. Raj Kumar Joshi on publishing ‘De novo sequencing and characterization of defense transcriptome responsive to Pythium aphanidermatum infection in Curcuma longa L.

Major Highlights:

  • Defense transcriptomes responsive to Pythium aphanidermatum were analyzed in Curcuma longa.
  • 2978 transcripts were differentially expressed in response to P. aphanidermatum infection.
  • DEGs encoding NBS-LRRs, receptor kinases and WRKYs were highly enriched during pathogen attack.
  • ET and JA signaling constitute a synergistic defense response against P. aphanidermatum.
  • Counter defense action in turmeric involved terpinoids and polyphenol biosynthesis.
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