RNA Sequencing Services on HiSeq 2500 V4 chemistry

RNA Sequencing Services on HiSeq 2500 V4 chemistry

06:03 20 August in

We have recently started offering RNA Sequencing services on newly launched and much talked about chemistry of Illumina HiSeq 2500 i.e Version 4. HiSeq v4 reagents leverage the latest innovations in Illumina’s sequencing technology, offering improved cluster density and throughput, while enhancing the overall utility of the HiSeq platform.

Some of the advantages of V4 chemistry are:

  • The HiSeq SBS Reagent Kit v4 is designed specifically for use with the HiSeq v4 high output mode on enabled systems.
  • SBS kit V4 offers the highest-quality data with industry leading quality scores.
  • New chemistry enables 67% increase in total output vs V3 reagents and increases number of reads by 33%.
  • This chemistry not only increases the output but also increases number of unique clusters for counting assays such as RNA Sequencing and can be very useful in Differential gene expression profiling.
  • These improved kits offer the clearest, most complete view of the mRNA transcriptome.They provide precise measurement of strand orientation, uniform coverage, and high confidence mapping of alternate transcripts and gene fusion events.
  • Quickly generate full sequence from any poly-A tailed RNA to analyze novel transcripts and isoforms, alternative splice sites, rare transcripts, and cSNPs in one experiment.
  • With no probes or primers to design, mRNA sequencing using TruSeq Stranded mRNA Sample Prep Kit (mRNA-Seq) delivers unbiased and unparalleled information about the transcriptome.
  • “Stranded” information identifies from which of the two DNA strands a given RNA transcript was derived. It provides increased confidence in transcript annotation particularly for non-human samples – and may increase the percentage of alignable reads, reducing sequencing costs per sample.
  • Strand orientation also enables the detection of antisense expression, providing visibility to regulatory relationships that would otherwise be missed.
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