Nucleome announces the procurement of South Asia’s First PacBio Sequel II

Nucleome announces the procurement of South Asia’s First PacBio Sequel II

14:48 30 September in

Hyderabad, India, 27 Sept 2019.

India’s renowned genomics and bioinformatics service provider Nucleome Informatics Private limited announced the procurement of South Asia’s first PacBio Sequel II system. With most advanced bioinformatics set up Nucleome Informatics is India’s fastest growing genomics company. Nucleome is known for building high-quality genome assembly using PacBio, 10x Genomics, Bionano Optical Mapping and Hi-C data. Its DSIR approved R&D wing in Hyderabad has worked on high-quality genome analysis of multiple species like Mango, Pigeon Pea, Pomegranate, Brinjal Fruit and shoot borer, Mithun, Indian Bengal Tiger, Indian Wild Dog, Leopard, Millet and many bacterial and fungal species. Nucleome is the first Indian company to separate the Indian Water Buffalo genome in two-parent chromosomes by sequencing Parents and Offspring together. This technique of Trio-Binning would enable animal breeders to track the genes coming from each parent and assist them in selective breeding programs. It has recently signed an agreement to sequence various mosquito genomes from across the world with scientists working with the University of California, San Diego. The company has also bagged the Prestigious 8 Plant Genome Sequencing Projects under a consortium led by an Australian University. The procurement of the Sequel II system would enable the company to strengthen its position in de novo genome sequencing market in India and the Asia Pacific. This procurement will also help the company to grow its service portfolio in de novo genome sequencing, ISOSeq, Microbial genomes, 16s Amplicon Sequencing, and human structural variation discovery. For their extensive research in genomics and bioinformatics, Nucleome is lately named as The Business APAC Noteworthy Biotech & Pharma Companies, 2019.’

Photo Credit: Nucleome Informatics, Left to Right: Deryi Mu,President and GM- APAC PacBio, Camille Cyncynatus, Director of Sales-PacBio, Ramachandran Baskaran, CEO-Spinco, Dushyant Singh Baghel, CEO Nucleome and Abhishek Tripathi, VP R&D Nucleome

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