SMRT Leiden 2020 Virtual Meeting

SMRT Leiden 2020 Virtual Meeting

10:57 28 May in

The 2020 SMRTLeiden Meeting included two back-to-back events: SMRT Scientific Symposium and the fifth European SMRT Informatics Developers Meeting. The SMRT Scientific Symposium was a two-day event on April 28 and 29 that featured presentations from key experts and opinion leaders sharing their scientific discoveries and novel analytical achievements using PacBio sequencing platforms. This event was packed with inspirational lectures that highlight the latest achievements in various fields: from microbes to human health. The SMRT Informatics Developers Conference was a one-day collaborative event on April 30 that focuses on developing and improving analysis tools for PacBio SMRT Sequencing data. Nucleome’s CEO Dushyant Singh Baghel presented our latest collaborative work on ‘Genomic conservation of the critically endangered Great Indian Bustard’.

This event was packed with several short presentations, in-person brainstorming and idea exchange among software developers and the bioinformatics community with a focus on the advancement of new and existing open-source tools for de novo assembly, genome phasing, structural variations, base modification and Iso-Seq analysis.


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