RNA sequencing of murine mammary epithelial stem-like cells (HC11) undergoing lactogenic differentiation and its comparison with embryonic stem cells

16:35 11 April in RNA Sequencing

Understanding of transcriptional networks specifying HC11 murine mammary epithelial stem cell-like cells (MEC) in comparison with embryonic stem cells (ESCs) and their rewiring, under the influence of glucocorticoids (GC) and prolactin (PRL) hormones, is critical for elucidating the mechanism of lactogenesis. In this data note, we provide RNA sequencing data from murine MECs and ESCs, MECs treated with steroid hormone alone and in combination with PRL. This data could help in understanding temporal dynamics of mRNA transcription that impact the process of lactogenesis associated with mammary gland development. Further integration of these data sets with existing datasets of cells derived from various stages of mammary gland development and different types of breast tumors, should pave the way for effective prognosis and to develop therapies for breast cancer.

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