Transcriptomic study on oxygen deficiency tolerance in plant

Transcriptomic study on oxygen deficiency tolerance in plant

13:15 12 February in RNA Sequencing

Transcriptomic and physiological studies identify cues for germination stage oxygen deficiency tolerance in rice

Let’s congratulate team at CRRI for successful publication of RNA Seq data generated and analysed by team Nucleome. We would like to thank our client Dr Sarkar for acknowledging our efforts.

• Efficient use of available resources through energy saving mode imparted Germination Stage Oxygen Deficiency (GSOD) stress tolerance in AC41620.
• Accelerated NR and NiR activities in AC41620 provided improve pH-homeostasis and N-metabolism under prolonged anoxia.
• ROS-detoxification through induced antioxidant enzyme activities especially at later stage of anoxia was better in AC41620.
• Phytohormonal modulation mediated by ethylene signalling supplemented GSOD tolerance in AC41620 over Naveen.

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