Celebrating 11 years of research service excellence

15:07 31 October in de novo genome sequencing, Genome Assembly, genome resequencing, Genotyping, ISO Sequencing, Metagenome, miRNA Sequencing, PacBio Sequencing

We are thrilled to celebrate 11 years of excellence in sequencing services at Nucleome Informatics and we want to share this milestone with you! Thank you for choosing us, believing in us and being a part of our ever-growing family. On this occasion, we have...

SNP Genotyping Services at Nucleome

13:40 28 April in Genotyping

End to end solutions for SNP genotyping need low-density, mid-density and high-density markers. Nucleome can design the custom SNP panel for you, or you can directly place the order for available Axiom SNP arrays and genotype it on the GeneTitan platform. We can also target...